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Spa Error Code

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Guide to Diagnose and test temperature sensor for sundance spas
Sundance Temperature Sensor Diagnostic
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Temperature Sensor

To Remove a sensor or switch wire from the sensor harness connector (J6), Insert the end of a paper clip into the slot corresponding with the wire to be removed. This will depress the pin tine,allowing the wire to be pulled from the harness connector.

Important ! When Re-installing the sensor or switch wire back into the sensor harness connector,
make sure the pin tine is lifted (Aprox 1/32") Prior to inserting the wire. This will ensure the sensor wire locks into the harness connector. Do not over bend the pin tine or it may break off !

Testing Hi-Limit And Temperature
Both the Hi-Limit & The Temperature sensor can be tesed using an OHM-METER Ω
Test Procedure
In Order to test each sensor you must first remove its wires from the sensor harness connector
 2. Set the OHM-Meter to the 100 kΩ Range
Place the Ohm-Meter test leads across the exposed sensor pins as shown.Compare the
measured sensor resistance against the chart in section (INSERT LINK HERE TO COMPARRISON) Replace the sensor if the measure resistance value does not match the published value.
Sensor Harness
Fareinheit Celsius OHMSΩ
59.00 15 48840
60.8 16 46680
62.6 17 44610
64.4 18 42630
66.2 19 40770
68.0 20 39000
69.8 21 37290
71.6 22 35700
73.4 23 34170
75.2 24 32700
77.0 25 30000
78.8 26 28740
80.6 27 27540
82.4 28 26400
84.2 30 25311
87.8 31 24270
89.0 32 22329
91.4 33 21429
93.2 34 20571
95.0 35 19740
96.8 36 18960
98.6 37 18210
100.4 38 17490
102.2 39 16800
104.0 40 16149

WATCHDOG  Error Code: - - - or - - - -

The most common cause of the Watchdog error code are the sensors, specifically the temperature sensor. When the spa goes into the Watchdog the spa will not operate.
This is how it happens: When you try to use the spa, you will see 3 or 4 dashes on the control panel (depends upon the model). If you try and reset your breaker, sometimes it comes on but it will probably go back into Watchdog error - - - -. Most common cause for Watchdog is the Temperature Sensor. We have alot of people replace the high limit also and it could also be an issue.

Because this is the most common issue and one that is the least expensive to replace, We recommend you having a spare set of the Temperature and High limits in case this happens (and usually happens at the worst of times)

Temperature Incorrect or OH

Another issue that comes up and is an indication of a bad temp sensor is the temperature reading becomes inaccurate or the spa is going into the OH error code. If you power the spa down and power it back up it may work for a while but will do the same thing again. You need to replace the Temp Sensor.


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