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Sundance® Spas Jets

From deeply relaxing to powerfully invigorating, the hot tub jets from Sundance® Spas offer a full range of massage types. Swirling, pulsing, streaming or penetrating, Sundance® spa jets work effectively for virtually every therapeutic technique. Reduces discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome in wrists. Jets are designed for both high and low impact massage, other jets create a smooth massage or a large-muscle deep massage. Sundance® Spa Jet technology allows you to adjust the hydrotherapy benefits by focusing on pressure points in shoulders, neck, back, calves and feet. Multiple points of adjustment allows you to fine tune the spa to create a better massage.

Due to Covid 19 and that the majority of parts are made in China or Mexico, there are many items Out of Stock with No ETA. We have no way to know when or if they will be available.

Accu-Pressure Jet, Sundance Spas
Sundance Accu-pressure jet used in most models in a cluster configuration and also in many of the footwells. Focuses on pressure points in shoulders, neck, back, calves and feet Provides deep-tissue massage to relieve muscle tension and joint pain.
Sundance Air Injectors
Air Injectors injects a stream of bubbles into the water Air injection creates a gently effervescent massaging action Used to diffuse aromatherapy throughout the water.
Sundance Whirlpool Jet
Used in all the Sundance Models for the Whirlpool Jet. There were 2 Series used. This one was used from 1997-2005
Sundance Spas Jets
The jet was one of the first of the "oversized" jets that Sundance used in their spas. It had the ability to interchange the front with the SunStorm Jet front to make it a Rotating Jet.
Sundance Sunstorm Jet
Sunstorm Jet was an interchangeable jet used in the Select-a-sage Series from 1990-1997. Still one of the best rotational jets available.
Sundance® Spas Standard Magna Jet Series 1995-1999
Sundance used this series in White from 1995- 06/1997 and used the Gray Jet in 1998-1999 Sweetwater Models
Sundance Spas Intelli-jet
The first Intelli-Jet by Sundance. This jet has replaceable bearings and rotating face kit.
Sundance Spas Protouch Jet
The Sundance Jet was used in assorted models of the Sweetwater Sundance Series over several years.
Sundance® Spas Micro Magna Jet Series
The Micro Magna Jet was used in various Models: 1995-6/97 Models in white and in 1998-99 Sundance Altamar, 2004-2005 Maxxus and the 1998+ Sweetwater Models in Gray
Sundance Spas Intelli-Jet
The second generation Intellijet, designed where it could be a straight jet or a rotating jet both with a right or left "click" of the Jet Face. Used on all 1999-2002 Sundance 800 and 850 Series Spas.
The "Gaitlin Gun" style Jet head. Works in the Intelli-Jet LX as a multi spray rotational jet head.Gives a more overall massage with a slower turning head.
Sundance® Spas Palm and Duo Jets 1997-1999
Used in Various Sundance and Sweetwater Models
Sundance® Spas Micro Blaster and Ultra-Pulse Jet
The Micro Blaster or Ultra-Pulse Jet was used in the 1999-2002 Maxxus Models Only.
Sundance® Spas Pulsator Jet 2000+
this jet was used in Several Models in the Lounge for Wrist Jets: Altamar, Marin, Cameo, Maxxus
Sundance® Spas Mini-Intelli-Jet 2000-2005
Used in the 2000-2005 Capri, Marin and Altamar Lounge Seats
Sundance® Spas Sweetwater Pro-Touch Jet 2000-2005
A variation of the Magna II Jet. Different Stylized Wall fitting still utilizing the other components.
Sundance® Spas SMT Micro Jet 2003-2005
Used on the Sweetwater Spas Series
Sundance® Spas SMT Mini Jet 2003-2005
Used on the Sweetwater Spas Series
Sundance Spas SMT Jet 2003-2005
The SMT Jets were used on the Sweetwater Series Jet System
Sundance® Spas SMT Turbo Jet 2003-2005
Used on the Sweetwater and 780 Series
Jets used on: 2003+ 850,880 Series: Altamar, Cameo, Capri, Majesta, Marin, Maxxus, Optima, 880 Aspen (2012+), Constance and Victoria (2011+)
Sundance Fluidix Jet
Sundance Spas Fluidix ST Jet 2001+. Jets used on: 2003+ 850/880 Series: Altamar, Cameo, Capri, Majesta, Marin, Maxxus, Optima, 2011+ Select Series, 2012+ 880 Aspen, Inground Models 2001+
Sundance Spa Jets
Sundance Spa Jets and components for the following Models: Denali, Burlington,Hartford, Hawthorne, Peyton, Tacoma. DL, DV and DX (200S), DXL (300S), DVX (400S) and DST (500S) Jets.
Sundance Spas Whirlpool Jet
Sundance Spas Whirpool Jet 2005+
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