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Sundance® Spas Control Panels

Sundance® Spa Side Controls. The Leader in Spa Electronic Technology. Sundance® Spas manufactures some of the most reliable spa side controls. We carry all Sundance® Spa Side Controls at the most competitve pricing. In Stock, ready to ship to you


Sundance Spa Side Control, 400, 600, 601, 602, 624, 650 Series
Sundance® Spas 400 and 600 Series Spa Side Controls used Balboa controls. Sundance® was one of the first to offer electronic controls on spas. A new technology at the time which is now widely used on most spas today.
Sundance Spa Side Control, 701,724,750 Series
Sundance 701, 724 and 750 Series Spa Control Panels Balboa 50799, 6500-522, 6600-710, 6600-712, 6600-708 Models: 1987-1990: 701, 724 Various Models 1997-1999: Calypso, Calypso I, Calypso II, Montego, Rio, Tango
Sundance Spa Side Control 800 Series
Sundance Spas came out with their own Spa Side Control Systems and Printed Circuit Boards in 1991. These Spa Side Control Panels are unique to Sundance Spas. This is the first 800 Series Control Systems for Sundance Spas. We stock all Sundance parts.
Sundance Spa  SIde Control for 800 Series Ingrounds
Spa Side Control Panels for Inground Sps. They come with a 40 foot cable for spas with the equipment in a remote location. Sundance Spas first 800 Series Control Systems designed for Inground Spas.
Sundance Spa Side Control, 1993-1999, 800, 850 Series
Sundance Spas Spa Side Control Panels are for all Portable Sundance Spas (wood skirted). They are not designed for the Inground Spas (see Inground Section). Models: Cameo, Capri, Optima, Altamar, Marin, Majesta,
Sundance Spas Control Panels
These Control Panels are designed for Sundance Inground Spas that require either a 40 or 75 foot cable. They only come with one plug, remote panels were not used on ingrounds.
Sundance Spas Control Panels
Control Panels are for all Portable Sundance® Spas. Sundance® Spa Control Panels 850 880 Series 2000-Current Control Panels:6600-854, 6600-855, 6600-865, 6600-860, 6600-866, 9900-861, 6600-867 Models: Altamar, Cameo, Optima, Capri, Majesta, Marin, Maxx
Sundance  Spa Side Control, 2000+ Inground Spas, 850 Series
Sundance Spas Control Panels for Inground Spas, built into the ground with exterior mounted equipment. Their cables are longer for remote equipment. In stock, ready to ship.
Sundance Spa Side Control, 1991 Suncoast and 1996-1998 Suntub
Sundance Spas came out with some affordable Series Spas that had their own Spa Side Control, The Suntub was a small round tub and the Suncoast Series were simple but user friendly.
Sundance, Sweetwater Spa Side Controls, Portofino, Del Sol
Sweetwater Spas, Del Sol Spas: 6600-625, 6600-618, 6600-834, 6600-832, 6600-833, 6600-630, 6600-633, 6600-633 Models: Madison, Hartford, Bali, Cyprus, Aruba, Palermo, Bahia, Caprio, Metro, Tango, Solo, Denali, Tacoma, Lagunas, Cayman, Redondo, Hermosa
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