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Spa Error Code

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750/850/880 Series Trouble Shooting

Sundance (STA) STANDARD TROUBLE SHOOTING TIPS FOR 880 & 850 Series Troubleshooting Sundance 800 Systems using the Control Panel The default display shows the actual water temperature. Pressing either the (up) or (down) button once will display the set temperature. While the actual water temperature is displayed, pressing (up) or (down) button within 3 seconds will cause the set temperature to increase or decrease by one degree for each press. Three seconds after the desired temperature is set, the display defaults back to show actual water temperature. Control Panel Status and Error Messages The jets and air indicators will display in one of two ways: 1. A Flashing Indicator means the function has been automatically activated. 2. A Solid indicator means the function has been manually activated. These messages may appear: ILOC Hot tub deactivated. Check interlock jumper located in the sensor harness LOC Hot tub control has been locked by pressing the DISPLAY, MODE and (up) button within 3 seconds. Press DISPLAY, MODE and (down) button within 3 seconds to unlock panel. HOLD Control Panel and remote panel are temporarily deactivated. Buttons have been pressed too often in short period of time. Do not press any buttons for 30 seconds. Control panel and remote panel will automatically return to normal operation. HOT The thermistor on the load box circuit board has detected a temperature of 180 degrees. FLO When blinking, heater is deactivated, pump is on and flow switch is open. When lit solid, pump is off, flow switch is closed and all other functions are deactivated except freeze control. This problem is caused by either the lack of proper water flow or a malfunctioning flow switch. FLO2 Flow switch is shorted (closed) on startup, disabling everything except the ICE2 mode. ICE Potential freeze condition 55 degrees detected. Pump 1 activates followed by Pump 2 after 10 seconds in high speed. Both pumps stay on for a minimum of 11 minutes until the water temperature rises to 65 degrees and danger of freezing passes. ICE2 This is the freeze condition if a spa is in the FLO2 mode. SN 1 Heater deactivated. High-limit sensor located in the heater drywell is nonfunctional. SN 3 Heater is deactivated. Main temperature sensor in filter bucket is nonfunctional. OH Heater deactivated. Overheat condition exists-maximum water temperature exceeded: Temp sensor measured water temperature of 110 or 114 degrees. Hi-Limit sensor measured water temperature of 114 – 118 degrees (depends upon eprom). The pump will run for a minimum of 6 minutes to circulate the water. After 6 minutes, the pump will go off but the “OH” error display will continue to flash until the hot tub is cooled to approx. 106 degrees. _ _ _ _ Dashed Line. Hot Tub deactivated. Problem detected which can cause damage to components. This is called a Watchdog. PNL Faulty communications between control panel and circuit board. Broken cable or connector not properly plugged into circuit board. This is usually corrected by reconnecting the cable or connector. COOL The temperature of the water is 20 degrees F below the set temperature. Both pump and heater will come on and stay on until the water temperature rises within 15 degrees of the set temperature. PLuG The test plug has been left in for longer than 15 minutes, this will deactivate the heater.
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